Our Services

Cranes Rental & Heavy Transport

Was established on 1998 . in Jordan Amman - Muqablain – Alhurreya St.

Experts in Loading off Loading all kind of Heavy Equipment . all weights ,All size and all Dimensions up to 500 Tons .We have the Equipment , ability’s and experience to do so We have contracts to lift heavy Equipment with several Official & privet Companies in Jordan such as

Broad cast & TV. Corporation . to lift a tower with 150 M . height
Royal Palace . to lift a Flag stand with 130 M. height

Flag stand in Aqaba with height of 137 M.

Transformers up to150 Ton for National Electric Power Co.(NEPCO)
Heat Exchangers with weight of 100 to 200 Tons for Arab Potash Co.
Turbines with weight up to 120 Tons for the Samra Electric Power Co.
We also Lifted Heat Exchangers with weight up to 130 ton

Empty Vessels in Aqaba Port with 100 to 200 Tons

Also we have Contracts with foreign and international companies such as

*MAMOUT Co. in Europe

* PFEIFER Co. in Netherland

* ALFARES Co. in Dubai

* 4D CRANES RENTAL Co. in Netherland