Licensed by the ministry of Transport in Jordan for Heavy load transportation Pioneers in Heavy weight Transportation for all weights and dimensions Up to 500 tons. We own all the equipment needed . Such as low bid Cranes and trailers Special for Heavy Loads .

We transported many heavy Loads for several companies in Jordan and Deferent country around us such as Saudi Arabia , Qatar . Dubai , Turkey Lebanon , Syria , …ect .

Some of our work for famous companies in Jordan

Transported several Transformers for National Electric Power Co. With weight of 70 up to 150 ton from Aqaba To deferent places in Jordan.

Transported several Transformers for Samra Electric Power Co. With weight of 60 up to 200 Ton from Aqaba to Samra Location in Zarga.

Transported Heat Exchangers with weight of 100 to 200 Tons for Arab Potash Co. and Jordan Phosphate Mines . Co

We also Transported Heat Exchangers and deferent Heavy Equipment with weight 70 up to 200 tons for most of Cement factories in Jordan such as:

  • Lavarge cement factory
  • Alrashedya Cement factory
  • Alrajhi Cement factory
  • Almanaseer & Shamalya Cement factory